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Outreach Organizations

Involvement of public safety and other organizations is a key part of this year's grant program. We are actively seeking public safety organizations,  higher education entities, and non-profits that have an interest in reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities in farming and agriculture.

The grant team will help you prepare your personnel to teach the program, provide them with training resources, and prepare outreach materials for you.    

The FAST Program is in the fourth year of a planned four-year capacity building process.  In following years, the grant team will provide more training modules geared toward additional farm and agricultural hazards.  Our goal is to build both the instructional capacity and an engaged workforce acting together to reduce injury, illness and death on the farm.

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The grant team will work with any organization having a shared interest in reducing injury, illness and death on the farm.  

  • Public safety organizations, including fire departments and emergency medical services agencies;
  • Academic institutions, including community colleges
  • Non-profit organizations, especially trade associations or cooperatives
  • Local, state and other public entities that work with farm and agriculture
  • Private entities such as farm insurance organizations or credit unions wishing to provide education for stakeholders
  • To reduce illnesses, injuries, and fatalities in farming and agricultural operations in your community;
  • To build and improve relationships with this segment of your community;
  • For public safety organizations especially, familiarize responders with agricultural machinery, equipment and environment;
  • Complete the Outreach organization interest form;
  • Attend a Zoom Orientation session (arranged with each organization individually, approximately 45-60 minutes);
  • Have one or more trainers attend a Zoom Train-the-Trainer session (4 hours);
  • Use the program and materials in your community.
  • Keep us informed of training and outreach you perform (through online forms).
  • Provide training using the materials provided (they can be rebranded to your department, and added to, but the core content must remain intact as approved by OSHA).  We'd like to see organizations reach at least 50 persons by September 29th, 2021.
  • Recruit farm and agricultural employers and workers as participants for future programs with both VT and your organization.
  • Be an advocate for farm and agricultural safety.
  • Provide timely information on your training and outreach activities as they are planned and occur. 
  • Work in a cooperative manner with the grant team. 
  • Training materials, including PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, and student materials (PDF, with some available as printed). This includes Spanish-language materials.
  • Access to the grant team for questions, ideas and support of your outreach efforts.
  • Opportunity to have grant team members on-site in support of your outreach program(s) as schedule and budget permit.
  • Networking opportunities with other organizations and instructors.

The Harwood Grant does not allow for financial support or the incurring of expenses for any programs not offered directly by Virginia Tech Environmental Health & Safety.  If you have questions about this aspect of the program please contact the grant team and we'll be glad to talk with you.