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Regulatory Reporting Deadlines

The following reports are issued by EHSS as required to comply with state and federal reporting requirements. If you would like more information on the reporting requirements or the reports, please contact EHSS at 540-231-3600.


Report Deadline Agency
Biennial - Hazardous Waste Report March 1, Even Years Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Greenhouse Gas Report March 31 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Title V Semiannual September 1 DEQ
Title V Annual March 1 DEQ
Air Emissions Inventory Report April 1 DEQ
Groundwater Monitoring, Virginia Tech Landfill Semiannually, May and November DEQ
Virginia Tech Landfill, Annual Report March 1 DEQ
Virginia Tech Landfill, Gas Sampling Monthly on the 30th DEQ
Stormwater Sampling, Highland Quarry By Request DEQ
Stormwater Sampling, Powerplant By Request DEQ
Boiler 11, Powerplant Emission 30th Day of Each Quarter DEQ
Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, Fire Safety Report October 1 Department of Education, General Campus Community
VDH Broad Scope Radioactive Material License Renewal Febuary 28, 2019 and every 5 years thereafter Virginia Department of Health