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Inspections Overview

Environmental Health & Safety performs periodic health and safety related inspections to identify work practices, procedures, or conditions that do not comply with state or federal regulations or other authorities, including university Health and Safety Policy 1005 and university health and safety programs.

When issues are identified, they are reported to the principal investigator, supervisor, and/or departmental executive. Identified issues are to be corrected within the timeframe provided in the report. If corrections are not made, the report will be reissued to the next executive level. Hazards that are immediately dangerous to life or health must be corrected immediately, either by fixing the hazardous condition or by removing the equipment or operation from service.

If you recently received an electronic notice of a safety inspection, you can respond to any identified violations using this system. Note that you cannot access this system using wireless.

If you have any problems accessing this system, please contact the inspector who sent you the link to the inspection report or contact Environmental Health & Safety at 540-231-3600. Refer to the Universal Inspection Checklist.