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FAST Focus Areas

As part of the Harwood Grant proposal, four training modules are planned for 2020-2021.  These topic areas represent an opportunity for rapidly impacting fatalities, injuries, and illnesses among farm workers.

60 percent of ATV fatalities are agriculture-related.

ATVs are one of the most common, and most dangerous, pieces of equipment on today's farm.  An average of 500 persons die, and another 100,000 are seriously injured each year while operating ATVs.

Falls are nearly 8 percent of Farm and agricultural fatalities

Falls were the second leading cause of fatalities in farming and agricultural workers in 2019.  Falls are especially dangerous to workers over the age of 55, accounting for 52% of fatal falls in 2019.

17 percent of citations in farming and agriculture were for HazCom

Standards involving hazardous chemicals and an employee's "right-to-know" are the most-frequently cited in farming and agriculture.  Of 281 citations issued by OSHA in 2018, 47 involved the HazCom standard.

OSHA issued 2.87 citations per inspection of farms

Employers are required by the OSH Act of 1970 to provide a safe and healthful workplace.  When inspections of farming and agricultural operations occur, citations are typically issued.  An average of 2.87 citations per inspection, with an average assessed financial penalty of $3,290 per citation.