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Radiation Survey Instrument Information

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Radiation Survey Instrument Information

Radiation survey meter with numbers associated with each piece

1: AUD on/off = controls the actual sound of the meter response to activity

F/S = fast or slow signal response

Off/ Bat / X100, X10, etc = Power on, Battery check, X factors represent multiplier for scale use

Reset = resets needle to zero

Photo of meter nob turned towards OF

2: This label is referenced before using the meter to ensure it is within calibration date and what the instrument efficiencies are for the radioisotope concer. e.g. 800 cpm of P-32 = 4000 dpm if this value was noted between June 2007 and June 2008.

Calibration certification label

3: What is this meter reading? 

(X10 scale selection and readings of 0.5 mR/hr and little over 1600 cpm) = 5.0 mR/hr or 16,000 cpm

Survey meter reading

4: If the battery check indicates the power supply is low, the batteries must be changed before using the meter. The screw below the power on the dial should be finger-tight. If not, use a straight edge (screwdriver) to loosen and open the battery compartment. Remove/change the D cell batteries as needed. Verify battery placement according to the polarity diagram noted inside the plate. Replace the plate and tighten the screw when finished.

Survey meters and battery compartments

5: Use the check source on the side to verify meter response before using. If the meter does not indicate a response, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer for assistance.

Side of meter

Contact Information

Donald Conner, Radiation Safety Officer

Phone: 540-231-5364

Cynthia Strader, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Phone: 540-231-2699