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Order Isotopes Online

Radioisotopes must be purchased through the HokieMart system. Please note the following when completing a request:

  • Use the shipping code "D423" to specify the correct (Environmental Health & Safety) ship-to address.
  • Use "Donald Conner/{insert authorized user's name here} for a contact name.
  • Phone number must be 540-231-5364.
  • Email address is ""
  • Specify shipping via "Best Carrier-Priority Overnight" (this allows orders to be delivered to labs in the afternoon after receipt).
  • Specify account code of "13415."
  • Add an internal note with the radioisotope and activity if not already noted in the catalog line item.
  • Add an external note stating the delivery time, e.g. "Delivery xx/xx/xx AM; Please provide confirmation to"

HokieMart orders are reviewed and approved several times each day, but be sure to allow sufficient time for the requesting department to process internally so that the order is received by Radiation Safety no later than noon the day before you need the material.

Note: Often HokieMart does not show our discounted pricing, but the correct pricing will actually be used by the vendors.

Isotope Cost Estimates and Pricing

Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for the latest pricing information.

Vendor isotope catalogs

Internal Transfer of Radioactive Material


Contact Information

Donald Conner, Radiation Safety Officer

Phone: 540-231-5364

Cynthia Strader, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Phone: 540-231-2699