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Permit Entry

Permit Entry General Requirements

Permit-required entry means that there is a hazard in the confined space that has not been eliminated or controlled through engineering means, and entrants are relying on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection.

Entry into permit-required confined spaces must be coordinated with Environmental Health & Safety to determine if the risk is acceptable and entry can proceed for Virginia Tech personnel.

If entry is permitted, the following additional requirements for entry must be met:

  1. All reasonable efforts to eliminate or control the hazards must be taken in addition to the necessary personal protective equipment worn.
    • An atmosphere-supplied breathing apparatus (SCBA or supplied air-line) must be used for entry into an unknown atmosphere.
  2. A designated Attendant is required and must be posted at each entrance (if more than one entrance) to the confined space, and perform necessary duties as trained, including being currently certified in first aid/CPR/AED.
  3. A rescue plan must be developed.
  4. Rescue Team must be on standby at the site if the entry is into an atmosphere that is actually or potentially immediately dangerous to life or health.
  5. Entrants shall fully review and understand the requirements for entry as documented on the assessment/permit form.
  6. Entrants shall, whenever practical, have a safety or retrieval line attached to a chest or full-body harness (or wristlets, if appropriate). The other end of the line will be secured to an anchor point or lifting device outside the entry portal under the control of the attendant. A retrieval line is not required if:
    • A confined space has obstructions or turns that would prevent pull on the retrieval line from being transmitted to the entrant, or,
    • A confined space from which an employee being rescued with the retrieval system has projections that would injure the employee if forcefully contracted.
  7. The permit shall expire after one shift.

Contact Information

Robin McCall-Miller, Occupational Safety Program Manager

Phone: 540-231-2341