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Job-Made Cords

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Job-Made Cords Overview

Job-made cords are considered by OSHA to be temporary wiring extensions of the branch circuit. The following special requirements apply:

  • Job-made cord sets must be assembled by a qualified person.
  • The completed assembly must be inspected by a qualified person before the cord set is used initially. The following checks and tests (or equivalent) should be performed:
    • Determine that all equipment grounding conductors are electrically continuous.
    • Test all equipment grounding conductors for electrical continuity.
    • Determine that each equipment grounding conductor is connected to its proper terminal.
    • Test each receptacle and attachment plug to ensure correct attachment of the equipment grounding conductor.
  • The cords may be of a class less than that required for a permanent installation.
  • Temporary installations are permitted during the period of construction, remodeling, maintenance, repair, or demolition of buildings, structures, and equipment or similar activities.
  • Temporary installations must be removed immediately upon completion of the work for which the wiring was installed.
  • Job-made cords are considered to be in compliance with OSHA standards (as opposed to listing by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for manufactured sets) provided they are assembled in a manner equivalent to those that are factory-assembled and approved. Criteria include:
    • All components must be approved for the purpose of a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
    • Individual components must be compatible for use with the other components of the completed assembly.
    • The cord set must be marked appropriately with the manufacturer name or trademark, voltage, current, wattage, or other information as needed.
    • Boxing (e.g. metal junction boxes) intended for use in a permanent installation may not be used.
    • Connections to devices and fittings must provide strain relief.
    • Cords passing through enclosures must be protected by bushings or fittings designed for the purpose. Fittings designed to fasten cables to metal boxes are not acceptable.
    • Grounded conductor must not be attached to any terminal or lead so as to reverse designated polarity.

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