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Safety Monitor Systems

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Safety Monitor Systems

Safety monitor systems are used as a last resort, where other positive means of fall protection are not available or feasible. It must only be considered when all other options have been eliminated, and requirements must be strictly followed.

Fall monitors on roof

A "competent person" must be designated to monitor the safety of other personnel on the roof (i.e. safety monitor).

The safety monitor must:

  • Be on the same walking/working surface as the personnel working, and be within visual sighting distance of personnel being monitored;
  • Wear a high-visibility vest for easy identification;
  • Remain inside the safe zone of the roof (i.e. more than 6 feet away from the edge);
  • Ensure that personnel do not engage in unsafe practices, and warn them when it appears that they are unaware of a fall hazard situation;
  • Be close enough to communicate orally with personnel; and
  • Not have other responsibilities which could take their attention from their monitoring function.

Additional Safety Monitor Requirements

Mechanical equipment shall not be used or stored in areas where safety monitoring systems are being used to monitor personnel engaged in roofing operations on low-slope roofs.

No personnel, other than personnel engaged in roofing work (on low-sloped roofs), or personnel covered by a Fall Protection Plan, shall be allowed in an area where personnel are being protected by a safety monitoring system.

Personnel working under a safety monitoring system shall comply promptly with fall hazard warnings from safety monitors.

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Robin McCall-Miller, Occupational Safety Program Manager