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Asbestos Labeling

Labeling for ACM

When a building owner or employer identified previously installed asbestos-containing material (ACM) and/or presumed asbestos-containing material (PACM) labels or signs must be affixed or posted so that employees will be notified of what materials contain asbestos. The responsible department shall attach such labels in areas where they will clearly be noticed by employees who are likely to be exposed, such as at the entrance to mechanical rooms. Signs may be posted in lieu of labels so long as they contain the information required for labeling.

Asbestos warning sign that says, "Danger. Contains asbestos fibers may cause cancer. Causes damage to lungs. Do not breathe dust. Avoid creating dust."

Note: OSHA recognizes that it is generally not feasible to put labels on walls and floors. Where it is not feasible, alternatives may be used. Alternative methods at the university include informing personnel of asbestos-containing material and/or presumed asbestos-containing material during annual training, through departmental work order systems, requesting information from supervisors, or requesting information from the departmental safety representative. Historical information is maintained and available from Environmenteal Health & Safety to departments.

Responsible departments should make reasonable efforts to label piping appropriately - either asbestos-containing material or non-asbestos.

Non-Asbestos Thermal System Insulation Labeling

Non-asbestos thermal system insulation (TSI) installed in areas with existing asbestos-containing material TSI shall be labeled as either "Asbestos Free" or "Non-asbestos" by the installer. If the non-asbestos product is installed in line with the existing asbestos-containing material  (for example, on the same run of pipe), then the boundary between asbestos-containing material  and non-asbestos-containing material  shall be clearly delineated.

Non-Friable Labeling

Signs or labels will be substituted by employee training and the distribution of records in accordance with this program for some types of asbestos-containing material. These types include: asbestos-containing floor tile and linoleum, asbestos-cement ceiling tile and ductwork, and other types of non-friable asbestos-containing material maintained in good condition and repair.

Friable Asbestos-Containing Material Labeling

Reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure that labels remain visible. During painting or other operations where labels will be hidden or covered, existing labels shall either be removed and new labels affixed after painting, or existing labels shall be otherwise protected.

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