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Asbestos Inspection Reports

Per 18VAC15-20-459.1, Asbestos Inspectors shall conduct all asbestos inspections in accordance with 40 CFR 763.86. The Asbestos Inspector shall prepare a written report titled "Asbestos and Lead Inspection Report" for the purpose of communicating the presence or absence of ACM, and shall contain, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Date of inspection
  • Associated work order number
  • Specific locations surveyed for the report
  • Scope of work that will be performed
  • Asbestos Inspector's name and license (or certification) number
    • Note: License (or certification) must be current on the day of the inspection.
  • Location of any new samples taken (building, room number or other reference)
    • Note: Per Department of General Services, "Construction and Professional Services Manual", locations must be marked on the drawings.
    • Note: If information is from historical data, indicate such in the report. Historical data may include information from the asbestos database, CAD drawings, sample reports not included in the database, and abatement records.
  • Location and type of all ACM and assumed ACM
    • Note: Include the type of asbestos and percentage (ex. Chrysotile, 5%).
  • Assessment of all ACM and presumed ACM per 40 CFR 763.88.
    • Significantly damaged
    • Damaged
    • Good
  • Copy of the laboratory report (for new samples) and/or historic sampling summary report maintained by Virginia Tech.

A template for the Asbestos and Lead Survey Report is available here.

Revisions to Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are shared with many stakeholders involved in campus renovation and demolition projects. In order to ensure that all parties are aware of any revisions to an existing report, the following protocol must be used:

  • Leave the original report as it is.
  • Issue a new report that indicates a "Revision to Inspection Report Dated MM-DD-YYYY for W/O#" in the subject line of the report issued on the original date.
  • The new report should reflect the current date in the date line of the report.
  • Attach the revised report to the original report, and
  • Resend the package to all original recipients.

This will alleviate confusion on which report supersedes which, and will avoid potential issues with incorrect information being communicated to all parties involved. It also provides an audit trail if questions were to arise.

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