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Boring, Mortising, and Tenoning Machines

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Boring, Mortising, and Tenoning Machines Safety Checklist

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for safe and proper use.

Tenoning machines

  • Are feed chains and sprockets of all double-end tenoning machines enclosed except for that portion of chain used for conveying the stock?
  • Are the rear ends of frames over which feed conveyors, sprockets, or chains run guarded at the sides by plates projecting beyond the periphery of sprockets and the ends of lugs?
  • Do metal guards cover the cutting heads and saws?  Guards shall cover at least the unused part of the periphery of the cutting head.

Boring and mortising machines

  • Is the top of the cutting chain and driving mechanism enclosed?
  • Are joints on spindles of boring machine enclosed?
  • Is the foot treadle guarded?
  • Are boring bits guarded?

Contact Information

Robin McCall-Miller, Occupational Safety Program Manager