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Thermoforming Machines

Machine Shop Safety Quick Links

Always Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions and Recommendations for Safe and Proper Use.

  • Is overhead material handling equipment used to load roll stock?
  • Is the overhead material handling equipment appropriately rated for the weight of the stock?
  • Is the operator aware of potential pinch points at the roll and frame?
  • Is the operator aware of struck-by hazards when moving the material?
  • Is appropriate PPE required?

Thread-up Process (pinch points, crushing, amputation, degloving, scalping)

  • Does the unwind stand have a fixed barrier guard or an interlocked (movable) guard?
  • Are presence-sensing devices used to stop machinery motion when employees enter hazardous areas?
  • Is the rotating shaft properly nested in its groove?
  • Is the rotating shaft properly guarded (fixed cap) or is the area barricaded to prevent access?
  • Is appropriate PPE required?

Form Station (reaching into/over guarded areas)

  • Are hot surfaces insulated or isolated from accidental contact?
  • Are gases and vapors emitted from decomposing plastic adequately ventilated?
  • Is exposed electrical wiring on adjacent heating oven components what may cause shock covered?
  • Are potential crushing, pinching, amputation, or degloving hazards guarded?
  • Is stored energy properly locked/tagged out, blocked, pinned, or jacked?
  • Is appropriate PPE required?

Trim Station (crushing, amputations, cuts, electrical shock, burns, excessive noise, PTO)

  • Are adequate lockout/tagout procedures followed during servicing, cleaning, and maintenance?
  • Are blades properly guarded?
  • Are chains properly guarded?
  • Are live electrical circuits properly covered or insulated?
  • Are proper tools available for sharp edges/blades?
  • Is appropriate PPE required?

Stacker (crushing, amputation, struck-by, falls)

  • Is there a top fixed-guard on low-profile machines to prevent reaching in from the top?
  • Are adjustable guards in place to prevent access to discharge parts area?
  • Is the operator workstation positioned so as to prevent access to hazardous areas?
  • Are guard robots (or other automation) used to prevent entering or reaching into the space during operation?
  • Does the platform have an approved guardrail system installed?
  • Is appropriate PPE required?

Manual Packing and Inspecting (falls, slips, trips, sharp objects, awkward body positions)

  1. Do platforms greater than 4’ high have guardrails installed?
  2. Are secure steps and/or platforms provided to prevent movement?
  3. Are steps and platforms provided to elevated work areas?
  4. Is appropriate PPE required?

Contact Information

Robin McCall-Miller, Occupational Safety Program Manager